The 2009 Green Archers Roster

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    Here’s an updated snapshot of the current roster.

    For player profiles , click on link below


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    • bedan_archer

      Keep the faith…
      ANIMO La Salle!!!

    • jing

      who’s the team captain?

    • lia_acc83

      where’s la revilla?


      Bagatsing is the team captain



      james mangahas is team captain

    • cupid

      si Hyram Bagatsing na ang Captain, Co-Captains naman Bader, Peejay, James and Simon

    • skratch


    • chriles

      WHAT!!!!bkit si Bagatsing ang captain……….mas ok pa si James Mangahas o si Peejay Barua…………

    • animo

      wheres walsham and LA?

    • Nel

      Let’s not second guess the choice of the captain. The team captain is the coach among the players, and should provide the leadership on the floor. Shooting ability and years on the team have never been the main criteria for choosing a team captain; leadership and maturity are the qualities most needed of the captain.

    • http://none AnimoLA SALLE

      Injured c try out c l.a Revilla .. hinde cya naka pag try-out .. Sayang IDOL Pa naman… Kahit rookie pa cya ….

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    • mother0f4

      captain? my wild guess is bader malabes!

    • Nel

      According to GreenArrows, Hyram is the captain, and Peejay, Bader and James are co-captains

    • puregreen

      watch out for Bringas….Go La Salle!!!!

    • moody

      goodluck archers! animo!

    • green

      sayang naman! Was hoping bader would be the captain! Hopefully hyram will live up to the role.

    • Pixk

      maganda naman ang pina pakitang laro ni Hyram…pero siguro we are hoping that the senior players would be their captain like James and Peejay…i know Hyram would live-up for our expectations…

    • stunned_chic

      Animo La Salle!

    • http://[email protected] BJ

      2009 UAAP Men’s Basketball Champs- De La Salle Green Archers!!!

      keep the faith!!!Animo La Salle!!!

    • http://google Bernie Gamboa

      Good pick , i think we can make it this year , looks like a more balanced team. ANIMO LA SALLE !

    • veronica annette

      Animo, animo, animo La Salle!!! keep up the good fight! Keep up the Animo spirit alive…

    • ICJ

      hopefully all of them will step up. malaking kawalan si jvee at rico.. good luck green archers!!! animo la salle!!

    • sean carunungan

      Andrada is now an archer? what a surprising player!!! he can step up but how can he clash with other players just like ryan buenafe?

    • Rina

      I saw like 6 of them sa Makati Med kanina. they had their check-up :) ANIMO LA SALLE :D

    • rrgonzalez

      James M. and Peejay B. will be the take-charge guys this year and will provide veteran leadership for the team en route to another Finals stint.Animo La Salle!

    • dis

      It might be a blessing in disguise that Revilla isn’t there. He’s too small, and might be a liability on defense against bigger pointguards. Expect Hyram to play a lot of pointguard. He was really effective in that position when La Salle won the PCCL.

    • Myk

      i hope the rookies and returnees will do their best also…

    • ronn

      I hope Reyes and Paredes will not leave La Salle. They are promising big men (together with Marko and Torres) which are valuable in the Archers campaign in the next UAAP season. Rest well L.A. we need you next year.

    • master aldric

      Hope DLSU learn a lot from the disciplined offense and defense of San Sebastian Stags, simply awesome basic basketball especially in that last FilOil game between them. Better to start as an underrated rookieladen team than an overpromising one, let’s come from the outside guys…Animo La Salle!

    • Japs

      I have confidence in our new players. We can help them out by giving big support. Animo!

    • myheartisgreen

      for some serious health matters, LA couldn’t make it this season… he has not been injured… it has something to do with his endocrine system… so, let’s pray for him… i believe he has contributed well in most of their previous games… and as for hyram being the team captain, i know he can handle the responsibility well… yes, he’s a potential leader and matured enough…

    • lia_psych

      what about manoj chandumal? he’s not in the lineup either. i thought he showed promise last season.

    • fishiefishie

      Yes, let’s all pray for LA’s fast recovery. He really did a lot and is nothing but deserving to play again. Get well. We miss you.

    • archer29

      where is papot paredes? why isn’t he playing?